50th Anniversary of French Fjord Horse Association

  • French Fjord Horse Association celebrates in 2019 its 50th Anniversary from August 16 to 18, in the -Pôle Hippique de Lorraine-, in Rosières aux Salines, Near Nancy (54).

    In the program :

    • Arrival of the participants
    • Breeding Show
    • Stallion Agreements
    • Dressage, Jumping, Carriage driving Competition
    • Leisure Qualification
    • Horse Show, Carrousels
    • Top Model Contest
    • Presence of German, Belgian delegations...


  • The program is temporary and may change depending on the number of participants in the different activities

The -Pôle Hippique de Lorraine-


  • In the -Pôle hippique de Lorraine- If you come with your camper or your tent, it is possible to sleep on the site. Electricty and Sanitary available
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